Beach Extensions

We offer you four options of beach trips that we can adapt to any of our programs. All of them are the perfect closure for a spectacular trip. Our privileged geographical location gives us proximity to beaches of unparalleled beauty, true natural paradises with an incredible variety of flora and fauna, fantastic cuisine and centuries-old traditions.


Pacific Coast in Guatemala 
In the south of the country, the exotic beaches of volcanic sand bathed by the Pacific Ocean are the perfect place to enjoy a coastal and relaxed atmosphere that invites you to rest and get in touch with nature. Thousands of turtles come to its extensive beaches every year to lay their eggs, it is a migratory crossing zone for hundreds of species of birds and you will also have the possibility of making marine sightings to enjoy the enormous variety of life that the Pacific shelters.

Roatán in Honduras 
The island of Roatán is the largest of the Bay Islands, located in the Caribbean Sea and surrounded by the second largest barrier reef on the planet. It has an impressive combination of white sand and crystalline turquoise waters with a pleasant tropical climate that usually touches 27 degrees all year, and it is considered one of the best places in the world for snorkeling and diving.

Mexican Caribbean 
Mexico is one of the few destinations that can boast a coastline of more than 9,000 km. Blue sea, white sand beaches, tropical jungle, archaeological zones, cenotes (natural wells), underground rivers, islands, lagoons and history. With unimaginable places to do water activities and have encounters with marine nature.

Belizean Caribbean 
Belize has almost 400 km of Caribbean coast, in addition to a large number of islands; it is the perfect setting, beaches full of natural treasures with coral reefs, turquoise waters and an impressive animal diversity. Among its most famous beaches are: San Pedro Cay (Ambergris Caye), Placencia and Caulker Cays, ideal for a few days of rest and to enjoy water activities such as windsurfing, snorkeling and diving.