El Mirador 5 days

Day 1 | Airport Petén – Carmelita Community – El Tintal
Arrival to the “Mundo Maya” Airport in El Petén and transfer to the community Carmelita. We will meet the representatives of the Communitarian Tourism Committee that will be our companions during the journey.  We will start our day stopping by El Guacute camping for bio break and lunch. We will start hiking until reaching the archaeological site El Tintal through the Maya Causeway or Zacbé that connects with El Mirador all over 28 kilometers. This causeway is only habilitated in 50%. Arrival to El Tintal and visit to the archaeological site. Dinner. Camping.

Day 2| El Tintal – El Mirador
Breakfast. We will depart early in the morning to start walking for around 7 hours over the Maya causeway.  This was the route that originally connected the cities El Tintal and El Mirador. We will arrive to the campsite “El Zompopero”. Lunch and visit to the archaeological site “La Muerta”. Our walking does not end until we arrive to the archaeological site “El Mirador”.  Our staff will set a temporary camping. We will have the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular sunset from El Tigre complex in El Mirador.  Dinner and camping at the site.

Day 3| El Mirador
You‘ll have the chance to have a delightful spectacle: The sunrise. Breakfast. Guided tour to El Mirador, archaeological site. Return to the camping site for lunch.  We will continue our visit to the frieze of the twin heroes and other impressive areas of the site. Sunset in La Danta Complex. We will get back to the camping site for dinner and gathering. Camping at the site.

Day 4|  El Mirador – El Tintal
Breakfast.  We will return to El Tintal and will watch the sunset from the Henequén Complex.  Dinner.  Camping at the site.

Day 5|  El Tintal – Carmelita Community – Airport Petén
Breakfast.  In the morning we will start our walking back to Carmelita Community. Transfer to the airport Mundo Maya Petén.

El Mirador

Looking for the largest pyramid of the ancient world. An exotic adventure searching for lost cities and the old towns of the Maya world. This program offers extraordinary tours in close contact with the jungle, howler monkeys and other fauna of the tropical lush jungle. An opportunity to spend mystical and historical nights; fantastic sunrises with the nice singing of the birds and excellent typical food during the entire journey. This trip is leaded by communitarian guides with the charming and professionalism that distinguishes our native people.

Departures: Consult

Service: Private. Minimum: 2 Pax.

Languages: Spanish – English – Italian