PTP Mundo Maya prices are net in US dollars and are subject to change without notice.

The circuits are listed with hotels with which PTP Mundo Maya has better contracts. Whether for lack of space or for any other hotel change, the corresponding supplement will be charged

Our services do not include: migration rates across borders and airports, international air services, personal expenses, travel insurance and any other service not clearly specified in the itinerary.



Children under 12 years pay 65% when sharing with two adults, two children maximum per room. All children under 2 years pay 25% under the same conditions. Except local ticket that pays 100%.



Payments will be in advance, transfer to any of our bank accounts or credit card with their respective positions and specific conditions. No refunds for no-show.



The responsibility of PTP Mundo Maya as an operator is limited. PTP Mundo Maya acts as an agent between the passenger and the companies providing the service, such as trains, car rentals, airlines, hotels, restaurants, etc. PTP Mundo Maya will not assume responsibility for any damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity caused by earthquakes, hurricanes, riots, epidemics, etc. PTP Mundo Maya reserves the right to cancel or change an itinerary. It also considers that the passenger is traveling with luggage under its responsibility and recommends hiring an insurance covering loss or damage.



For cancellations made 15 days before the circuit begins, 25% of the total amount will be charged. For cancellations made 07 days before the circuit begins, the charge will be 50%. For cancellations made in less than 07 days period, the amount according to the cancellation fees for each hotel can be up to 100% and the total will be charged. These conditions do not apply to previously guaranteed reservations and for other specific conditions according to each case.



PTP Mundo Maya is not responsible if the flight delays and customers come one day later. Night and transfer will be charged.



Customers who lose connection or arriving on another flight have two hours to let us know and reallocate their service again without charge, otherwise “NO SHOW” will apply and will be charged upon arrival as a new service. Maximum waiting time of customers at the airport 30 minutes after the flight landed. If passengers have any problems with luggage or emergencies please call our 24 hours line (502) 5978-4630 to inform the delay and take appropriate action. Transfers Airport – La Antigua, are accepted only for flights arriving as maximum time: 22 hrs. After that time, it is best to stay in Guatemala City and move the next day to Antigua.



Passengers with schedule already set and not ready at the hotel lobby for departure will be waited for no more than 10 minutes with shared services and for 20 minutes with private services. At the end of this time the transfer is removed and the customer will have to pay to be transfer without refund to the airport as it will be considered as “NO SHOW” and will be charged to the agency.



  • Panoramic visit: short routes not including entrance fees to museums, archaeological sites, parks, etc·
  • Cultural Visits: longer tours where tickets are included.


HOTEL RANKINGSThe Guatemalan Institute of Tourism – INGUAT – is the responsible for assigning stars to each hotel, same official classification in our rates. However, it may defer to international standards.



Most hotels in Guatemala and other countries where we offer services, provide:

  • Double rooms: two double beds. Double rooms with one bed are subject to availability and in some cases a possible supplement may be charged.
  • Triple Room: In Guatemala triple room with two double beds is offered in some cases. It is possible to enter a bondable TWIN bed. In Belize and Mexico only HAB TRP two double beds are available; (two people sharing the same bed).



Flores route: Maximum baggage allowance per passenger is 20Lbs./9kg. Checked and 10Lbs./4kg. Hand Luggage (dimensions 42 * 24 * 24), excess luggage is subject to space availability.

Roatán route: Maximum baggage allowance per passenger is 35Lbs./15kg. Checked and 10Lbs./4kg. Hand Luggage (dimensions 42 * 24 * 24), excess luggage is subject to space availability.

Belize route: The maximum allowed by TROPIC AIR luggage per passenger to Belize is one piece of 50Lbs./22kg in Checked baggage and 15Lbs./6kg in hand luggage, excess luggage is subject to space availability. Charge of USD 35 per piece.



In the local flight pointed objects or sharp blade, sporting accessories that can be risky, firearms and explosive materials, flammable liquids or chemicals, tools, food and drink (can not bring drinks over 3 ounces and acquired before airport control. most liquids follow the rule of 3 ounces), alcohol, personal care items or aerosol spray inside your luggage are not allowed.

For more information, we invite you to visit the local airline – –



All reservations must be sent via email. You will be answered in a period no longer than 24 hours.



High Season Dates

  • Easter: all week is considered as high Season dates from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday season.
  • New Year: It is considered as high season Dec. 20 to Jan. 2.
  • National holidays in Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and Mexico.
  • In Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Mexico high season dates indicated in the rates.
  • The order of the itinerary New Year and Easter changes according to hotel policies.



Breakfast will be served in box-lunch in the following periods:

  • Circuits flying to Flores from Guatemala City or Antigua.
  • In Mundo Maya Archaeological circuit, Flores – Yaxilán – Palenque.
  • In circuits Ruta Maya, Flores – Tikal – Belize and Belize – Tulum – Cancún.

This is for periods in which you leave very early and it is not possible to have breakfast at hotels. This is already provided in the rates.



  • The area of Izabal includes: Río Dulce, Livingston and Puerto Barrios. All these points are distant from each other but for lack of hotel rooms can redirect reservations to any of the 3 points, notice to the customer. Visits always be the same, sleeping in one place or another.
  • The Petén area represents a large area of the country. Camino Real Tikal hotel is 30 minutes from Flores, the Villa Maya Flores 15 minutes. These 2 hotels are in the middle of the jungle. The Maya International Hotel, Del Patio Petén, Esplendido and Santa Elena Hotel are located 5 minutes from Flores.