Guatemala, Heart of the Mayan World, is a contrast between the heritage of its glorious Mayan civilization and the present, in which the combination of its history, natural wealth and cultural diversity becomes the perfect framework to develop luxury tourism in all its expressions. Guatemala is the Central American country with the highest economic growth and the most complete infrastructure, which go according to the environment of each of its tourist systems, to offer luxury and comfort in:

  • Exotic, enigmatic… unique and exclusive destinations
  • Modern and cosmopolitan cities
  • Colonial cities with great historical legacy
  • The widest and most varied set of services to stay in the country with high standards and comfort:
    • Luxury transport fleet in different categories
    • Grand Class Hotels
    • Private flights by plane or helicopter
    • Catering of high level with gourmet meals in unique places
    • Thematic conferences with experts in exclusive topics (Archaeology, Mayan Worldview, History, Literature, Arts, Gastronomy, Textiles, Ecotourism, Bird-tourism, Mountaineering, etc.).
    • Decoration and thematic ambience for dinners and special events
    • Variety of additional services (spa centers, world-class golf courses, sport fishing yachts, helicopter over flights, etc.)
    • World-renowned gourmet haute cuisine restaurants