This September 18th, Guatemala opened its maritime, land and airport borders. These are the protocols for entering and leaving the country. Essentially PCR/Antigen negative test 96 hours in advance.

By air✈️

a. Test: Negative PCR no more tan 96 hours or Antigen no more than 72 hours previous, to aboarding the Guatemalan territory.
b. Provide proof of vaccination (2 doses) or one dose for Johnson & Johnson vaccine; regardiess of the vaccine, the last dose (or the single dose) must have been administrated with a minimum of 2 week before starting the trip.
c. Fill out information on the Health Pass for Guatemala, available online at:
d. Mask use is mandatory for people over 2-year-old (airlines must provide the person not wearing a mask). The use of masks is exempted for passengers who have certified medical contraindications for their use.
e. Do not travel if you have any symptoms of respiratory disease.

By land?


1) Required Tests: Negative PCR no more tan 96 hours or Antigen no more than 72 hours previous, to aboarding the Guatemalan territory
2) Record of personal information for follow-up and monitoring.
3) Use of mask mandatory for people over 2 years old.
4) For passengers leaving the national territory must comply with the requirements of the country of destination.

By sea ?️

a. 24 hours prior to arrival, the ship’s authorities will send to the shipping company that agencies the ship, which in turn forwards it to the port captain’s office and the UVE via email, a preliminary declaration of maritime health and a record of the temperature of the passengers and crew for the last 24 hours and a statement that they have no suspects on board COVID19.
b. Medical and nursing personnel on board perform temperature measurement and recording of passengers and crew members on board the ship prior to arrival at the port.
c. This record is delivered along with the declaration of maritime health will be delivered at the time of official reception at the point of entry.
d. It will be signed by the captain of the ship and validated (countersigned) by the doctor on board.
e. In coordination with the harbour master, a quick risk assessment will be made according to international health regulations by answering the following questionnaire via radio.


a. Fill out form


a. PCR or Antigen 72 hours prior to admission.
b. Medical Form
c. Mandatory use of face masks.


a. Travel insurance is available for purchase online at