Situation in Guatemala


In March, the Government of Guatemala established several measures to control the Covid 19 expansion among the population. Among other measures, borders were closed, the health system was reinforced and the population was made aware of the high risk of the virus. The measures resulted in a lighter and more controlled impact of the virus, managing a result in numbers that put the country in a good position.

Since August, activities were opened in different phases and the economy was reactivated. Now and since September 18th Guatemala opens its maritime and land borders and its airports. The main airlines, Iberia, American, United, Avianca, Copa, Aeromexico… are already rescheduling their flights, we estimate that every week and every month the air frequencies will be greater.

From the health point of view, a rigorous mapping by regions is maintained, which means that the necessary control measures are applied for each region. In this platform created by the Government of Guatemala you can access to see the current situation of the country.

The entire PTP team is available to answer your questions and requests. We have revised the product focusing on the new travel demands and have adapted the service to the current circumstances. We maintain biosecurity protocols with the highest standards in national and international certifications. Our suppliers, hoteliers, restaurant, transport, etc.. and human team is already trained and certified. We are prepared to serve your customers.